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What is Unstoppable Domains?

Blockchain technology is used by Unstoppable Domains to handle registration and a number of other services. Unstoppable Domains uses a blockchain-based solution known as the crypto name service in place of domain name services like those we have on regular websites (CNS).

These are NFT domains, which, in essence, provide the user (that is, you) total control over their data. It's important to note that your domain serves as both your worldwide surname and your bitcoin address. It also serves as your login for the decentralized web. An Unstoppable Domain is yours forever once you buy it.

Unstoppable Domains pricing

The price of a domain with the.crypto extension is $40, whereas the price of a domain with the.zil extension is $20. There are also more expensive, high-end domain names that are shorter and more attractive. You can locate domain names that have already been purchased but are being sold again by the owner on the secondary market.