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What is ShareASale?

An affiliate marketing tool called ShareASale gives retailers the opportunity to manage their affiliate programs. In the meanwhile, affiliates can join the program and get commissions for each eligible sale. The platform also offers the tools affiliates and merchants need to manage their programs.

In 2017, the AWIN Group acquired the affiliate platform ShareASale. The technology helps the AWIN Group generate $1 billion in income for publishers and has won several honors as a service provider. You can utilize it, particularly if you start out in affiliate marketing without any money. Joining the network and submitting applications are completely free.

ShareASale pricing

You will be required to pay $5, but it will be returned to you after the background check is complete. Only for accounts with a balance of under $50, publishers may additionally pay a $25 monthly charge. Your account will be deleted if it has a balance of $25 or more. Due to the $25 removal from accounts, ShareASale will never let fees to drop below the minimum amount in your account without first telling you. For such merchants, joining the network comes with a fairly high cost. The price is $650 ($100 minimum deposit plus $550 network access charge).