What is Scrap.io?

In essence, Scrap.io is a lead-generation tool that enables global lead searches and limitless lead downloads from Google Maps. While you sit inside your house, it is particularly made to create limitless leads for you from any city or nation in the globe.

This program gives sophisticated search engine results in addition to offering limitless lead generation choices. Additionally, it provides you with a guarantee of current data because Scrap.io is free of outdated or useless material that users don't find useful. Only publicly accessible online data that is real, reliable, and recent will be available to you.

Scrap.io Pricing

For 49 euros a month, Scrap.io offers limitless lead production and lead downloads, but you may only search inside a single city. Look at the three plans they provide if you require access to the sophisticated filters; you'll obtain all the features without any restrictions. Additionally, they provide a 7-day free trial so you may sample the program and swiftly determine whether to purchase one of their packages or not.