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What is Impact?

Impact is a top worldwide platform for managing partnerships that has assisted several businesses in finding and managing platforms for affiliate marketing, commerce, publishers, B2B, and other things. With just one dashboard, you can manage and keep an eye on all of your collaborations with this platform. One of the greatest affiliate platforms, they have demonstrated their value to several clients.
By attracting, involving, optimizing, and onboarding partners including affiliates, bloggers, influencers, strategic advertisements, mobile applications, and much more, Impact drives business growth. This technology enables transparency throughout the whole consumer, publisher, and advertiser community in addition to offering limitless selling channels.

Impact pricing

To acquire everything you need to launch your partnership program, Impact charges $500 per month. You get different features with the three plans they provide for different marketing requirements. But they don't provide a risk-free trial. As a result, if you want to request a demo, you must pay a setup charge. Payless initially. You may use this to select which plan best meets your needs.