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What is Generatepress ?

WordPress's GeneratePress theme is multifunctional and built with clean, efficient code. It is the ideal WordPress theme since it prioritizes efficiency without compromising usability and design. Knowing that the theme has a five-star rating and hundreds of thousands of active installations is kind of nice.

If you didn't already know, the GeneratePress theme is a cost-free, straightforward, and lightweight theme. Regarding the style, it reminds us of a few of the Genesis Framework's child themes. Overall, it's evident that theme is attempting to simplify things a little for the developers.

Generatepress pricing

Previously, the sole subscription offered by GeneratePress Premium costing $49.95 included unlimited websites. In addition, there is a 40% discount available for renewals but no lifetime licenses. However, they changed their price structure in November 2020 to provide lifelong licenses in addition to the yearly one. There is still one plan, though. However, the renewal discount has also been eliminated, and the yearly cost has been increased to $59. There is now a usage cap of 500 sites.