What is Freshteam?

Another cloud-based application created by Freshworks is called Freshteam. The application was created to make it easier for recruiters to find, evaluate, and employ qualified individuals. It enables recruiters to determine whether interviewers are available, notify applicants when needed, and provide feedback to the panelists.
The system is made up of a small package that includes all the required CRM elements for recruiting. Furthermore, it is suitable for all organizations and sectors and has excellent management functions.

Freshteam pricing

Freshteam provides three premium options with monthly prices: platform fees vary from $71 to $203, and per-use fees range from $0 to $4.80. The free option is available to businesses with at least fifty members. The amount of jobs that may be posted and access to advanced services like a personal account manager, connectivity with job boards, and offer management are the main distinctions between the programs.